Daniels Mill and it’s impressive waterwheel have been carefully restored.

Virtually unaltered since the 18th Century and previously in the ownership of the same family for over 250 years it is now a Charitable Trust.

Find out about the History Of The Mill and the Restoration that has been carried out to bring it back to it’s former glory.

Daniel’s Mill has stood on this site for many centuries, its name has changed little over the years, originally Donynges Mill it changed to Dunnings Mill in the 17th Century, was listed in the 1841 Census as Dunnells Mill and by 1880 was called Daniel’s Mill.

There was until the mid 19th Century a further small Mill below the dam of the top pool, this was built around 1600 and had a 14′ wooden wheel. This was known locally as “The Mill in the hole” and was also referred to as a Clover Mill. All that now remains of this building is the back wall and the wheel pit.

The present Mill worked until 1957 grinding all kinds of grain for animal feed, but ceased operation on the death of the last Miller, Henry Thomason. A great deal of work has been required to restore both the Mill and the house to its present condition. Great care has been taken with this work to ensure that as much of the original has been preserved and any replacements required have been obtained from demolitions of old properties.

There are walks around peaceful pools and the old mill ruin with conducted tours for all visitors to the mill. A gift shop is open and and 100% wholemeal flour available for sale. Tea, coffee and scones made from our own milled flour are available to mill visitors.

Tragically Daniels Mill was hit by the disasters of flooding in 2007. However after months of toil the Mill re-opened in July 2008.


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